Collage Cities 2013/2014

Travelog 2
Collage city 2
Collage city 3
Collage city 1
City Block Study
Philarmonie Study
Capricio Study

Collage Cities

Collage Cities map the multiple and mobile territories of contemporary socio-political diversity in which we live. They are a mash-up of overlapping architectural structures and spaces coexisting in an interconnected system of global urbanism.


My travels are documented through the images I collect and combine in my paintings. Locales range from Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona and Copenhagen to Santiago, Valparaiso, Fez, Marrakesh, New York, Toronto and more. Each place I visit is merged into the larger picture, intensifying its complexity. The collage cities I develop mirror a fractured contemporary experience, one that is not static or stable, and where boundaries between past/present/future, between localities, genders or class interests become porous and blurred. These are global cities interlinked in survival.


Working from snapshots taken on my expeditions through urban residential neighborhoods, I cut out sections from different areas and collage them together in new arrangements that better reflect the networks of global interchange we are engaged in. The resulting collage is roughly taped and moveable, a working sketch from which I paint.  Some of these roughs have been digitally scanned and printed archivally, as indelible records of my analog process.