Specimen Collections 2012 - present

Specimen Collections

Mirroring the role of Natural History Museums, my work plays off the many nostalgic and romantic associations we have with nature and culture. I am engaged with the aesthetic tradition of collecting practices as embodied through the accumulation of specimens, artifacts, and their (re)presentations. Selected and classified according to my own taxonomies, these ‘finds’ serve as the foundation of my drawings, paintings, and installations. I work from existing collections- La Specola, Florence (bugs), Museum of Natural History, Halifax (eggs) or create my own. Ziplocs 2000 consists of 366 ‘daily artifacts’ tagged in ziploc bags, one for each day of the year 2000, recording the first year of the 21st century through its material culture.


As the traditional museum paradigm shifts to include new methodologies of analysis, I am compelled to study material culture from a decidedly nonscientific and non-academic perspective.  In my practice I attempt to dismantle codified systems of knowledge and classification, exchanging them for new taxonomies that challenge existing categories.  This convergence of ideas and collections offers new ways of contextualizing our views and thoughts of the world around us.